Each production or warehouse face with the task of marking products, implements, tools and materials.
Smart solution is to find an inexpensive,
functional and technological method of identification.
Our company offers exactly such an equipment.

spark marking device

Electrograph – is an electric appliance for marking images (signs, symbols, pictures) on conductive parts by using electrical erosion.

The principle of work is melting (evaporation) of the marking material in contact with the non-consumable electrode by the action of an electric arc. The operator, holding the pencil in his hand, touches the surface of the detail to which the second electrode is attached, writes signs, when it sparks.

As a result of working with the device you get a well-readable, indelible mark 0,1-1mm wide, depending on the diameter of the electrode and voltage.

  • Advantage №1

    Compact body. Ergonomic design of panels and control devices. Modern design.

  • Advantage №2

    The astonishing universality. The device can be used for marking most of metals.

  • Advantage №3

    Flexible voltage adjustment allows you to configure the device for the qualitative marking of any surface.

  • Advantage №4

    Built-in the vibrating device intothe handle eliminates the adhesion of electrode to the surface of material.

  • Advantage №5

    This is theonly electrospark engraving machine (electrograph) for whichtechnical conditions are designed and registered. Devices are regularly tested in organs ofState Committee for Standardization and Metrology.


We began developing Electrograph based on the fact that the demand for this type of equipment for marking became actively growing and there were no adequate solutions for developingsuchpunch markers.

  • 2008--2009

    Development of the first sample

    The first samples of electrograph were developed in the workshop of CEMARK enterprise in Ukraine. The first sale started.

  • 2010--2011

    Development of VCM-150N

    Setting up small-scale production and an increase in sales of new, substantially improved Electro-Spark Metal Engraving Pen.

  • 2012--2013

    Development of VCM-100N

    Running line production of electrograph VCM-150N. The development of low-cost version of the spark marking device VCM-100N.

  • 2013--2014

    Work on the new electrograph

    Work is in full swing to create a qualitatively new type of electro spark marker. There are also active sales of electrographs VCM-150N and VCM-100N.

electrospark engraving machine ARE:

Firstly, it is the minimum cost of consumables! Secondly, it is the possibility of applying the permanent marking on metal surfaces of any shape and size, for example, for applying the control marks.

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    It is a perfect tool for comfortable work during many hours.

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    12 months warranty. After-sales service. Supply of components and spare parts.

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    One can achieve accurate inscriptionseven on difficult surfaces without special skills.

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    Minimum cost on consumables

    There is no need to spend money on (often expensive) expendable materials.


Spark pencil is the optimal solution in solving problems on the intermediate and basic marking of conductive parts.

  • power source with voltage regulator

  • power cable

  • conduit with ground terminal

  • operating pen with a tungsten electrode

  • two spare electrodes

  • passport

  • bag

  • warranty card

Technical characteristics:




Supply-line voltage

220 V, 50 Hz

220 V, 50 Hz

Maximum power

150 W

60 W

Output voltage (max)

6, 9, 12 V

5, 7, 9 V


Tungsten electrode 1 or 1.2 mm

Tungsten electrode 1 or 1.2 mm

Short circuit protection

Safety fuses

Safety fuses

Overall dimensions (W*H*W)

180*90*145 mm

∅105 х h 126,5 mm

Weight of the device

2 kg

2 kg

POPULARITY OF spark out devices CEMARK

The consumer market has exhausted pent-up demand for expensive types of marking. The reason is not only in the economic behavior of consumers, but in the absence of an adequate supply in the market. Active growth of sales is possible in case of offering the buyer the product with optimum correlation of price and quality. Production and promotion of spark markers helped to increase the company's turnover.

  • 10 pcs.
    30 pcs.
    60 pcs.
    140 pcs.
    550 pcs.
  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014


Electrosparking pencils arerelevant for marking tool, cutters, saws, disc details. Also electrograph isindispensable for application inventory numbers on the equipment, electric motors, reductions, spare parts and assemblies for machine tools.


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